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Losing comm with Gateway several times a day

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    Losing comm with Gateway several times a day

    Wondering if anyone else is experiencing problems using the PCS Gateway. I'll notice light status in Homeseer will be wrong usually several times a day. If I then try to change a light using Homeseer I'll get an error:

    ERROR PIM_SEND:: ERROR: Unable to send message ID 24 [071C010AFF30A3] to PIM -- timed out 5 times -- discarding message.

    If I disable/enable the plugin it'll work for a while before losing communication again. I've also noticed another error in the log at various times:

    ERROR UPB_RCVR:: PGWReceiver Error in Listening Thread Index (zero based) must be greater than or equal to zero and less than the size of the argument list.

    To try and pinpoint the errors I shutdown the plugin and ran UPStart, leaving it run for 24 hours monitoring UPB traffic. No errors occurred so I'm thinking it's the plugin causing the problem.

    Thanks for any help...

    I think I found the problem. I fixed it in version that you can download from here, or you can wait for the new version to be available in the updater.

    If you still losing communication, please set the log level to Debug, and post what you get just before the first error. Thanks


      Spud, thank you very much for the quick response! Updated the plugin to .44 last night. Everything functioned correctly with no errors in the log. Normally the plugin would have failed with the Gateway numerous times during this period.

      Everything still works great! However, the following error appeared in the log, only once, about an hour ago (never saw this error before):

      ERROR UPB_RCVR:: Error parsing received string PU0A1C0168FF2200000848 -- Index was outside the bounds of the array.

      Unless you say otherwise, I'll assume this error is functionally benign.

      Again, appreciate your help...