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Big slowdown with UPBSpud commands

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    Big slowdown with UPBSpud commands

    I just got the UPBSpud plugin working with the PulseWorx Gateway interface. I have a situation similar to the Mega slowdown! thread. UPB commands via the UPBSpud plugin go really slow, maybe a 20-30 second delay before anything happens. Other plugins (I have some Insteon lightbulbs) are very quick. However, if I i do a UPB command, it will hang up the HomeSeer installation for the 20-30 seconds while nothing else happens, even if I click on an Insteon device.

    I attached a segment of a log file showing the UPBSpud plugin debug logging. It looks like a lot of UPB traffic is flooding out via the plugin. Anything I can do to speed things up?
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    Here's another example attached. I waited until the day after installing the UPB devices, in case something needed to settle down. Then, I issued an ON command to a UPB device "Family Room Overhead 4Cans" and they came on immediately. I waited a few moments, then issued the OFF command to the same device. At that point there was a 1 minute plus delay before the device turned off.

    If I use UPStart to perform the same two sequence of operations, they both occur immediately. So, it looks like something is going on with the plugin?


      Looks like the message format received by the plugin is a little different than what is expected so that the plugin fails to see the ack message sent by the device, which results in the plugin trying to send again the command 5 times at 10 seconds interval.

      What exact interface model do you use? Is it PGW or PIM-IP?


        It's a Pulseworx Gateway... I had tried a PIM-IP in an earlier post and realized I really needed the PGW features so exchanged it. I updated its firmware to 5.57 when installing.

        Click image for larger version

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          I have updated my PGW to the same firmware, but I can't replicate this problem

          To troubleshoot, could you try to create a network with only one device, import it to HS, and post your debug logs from the moment the plugin starts until it finishes polling the one device for its status.


            FYI, I haven't given up on this. I did as you said, reduced my network down to one device and reinstalled the plugin / reimported the UPE file. Surprisingly it worked fine at that point! Then I found out deleting devices in UPStart also deletes them on your network (if you let it at least which I naively did), so now I have to recreate my whole network. My bad, but that's why it might take me a while to get back to my original state, need to track down and re-add all my devices.

            With luck perhaps then things will work better, I will post back here once I finally get enough time to do it. Thanks!