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  • Support for UPB PIM-IP

    I have been using the PIM serial version for some time, but have a number of issues keeping a connection working because I use a virtual serial port and an IP to serial converter. Every once in a while my virtual serial port drops off and the system stops working. I looked around and looked for a PulseWork Gateway but they have been discontinued and replaced with the PIM-IP. So wrongly I figured it would work. Do you plan to support this module, provided the Gateway is no longer available?

    Is there another option to connect IP to my homeseer unit. The electric panel is about 200 ft. from the Homeseer Server, which is why I am using a Virtual Serial Port.

    I was one of your initial backers when you took over the development of this plugin. Which I love the way it works.

    I get the following error: ERROR PGWADAPTER:: Can't connect to the Gateway because of an error in the connection protocol. Try again and if the problem continues to happen then contact technical support

    Please help


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    I have just asked my contact at PCS if the PuseWorx Gateway was discontinued and replaced with the PIM-IP. Here is the response:

    No, not true at all. In fact, I’m not sure about the state of the older product PIM-IP it may still be available but I would never recommend it over the Gateway.


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      I took back the PIM-IP and replaced with the Pulseworx and everything worked fine. The PIM-IP is the older discontinued model, the Pulseworx Gateway seems to be the current model. Thanks for the guidance.