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UPB link files question

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    UPB link files question

    Hi Spud ... so it looks like “ link files are not moving from upstart to the home seer program
    when I try to write a event I can find UPB files , HAI files & All switches buttons but no links to connect any ideas
    also I have multiple duplicate files in home seer is there a way to purge the file to get a clean file from upstart to the HS app
    thanks Biff

    What do you mean by "UPB link files" ?

    The plugin creates one HS device for each UPB link. In the device management page, filter on Device Type = UPB Link

    To clean up HS devices, from the device management page, delete all your UPB devices (UPB Device + UPB Link), then restart the plugin or reimport the upe file, the devices will be all recreated.