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Which UPB interface is better?

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    Which UPB interface is better?

    I’m looking to make a jump to UPB. But have some questions about the UPB interfaces.

    I on a HomeTroller S6, so would which would be a faster and more reliable solution USB or RS-232?

    also, does the PCS IP interface brings any advantages? Given that with HomeSeer one already has IP capabilities. I only see a disadvantage compated to a physical connection which is the connection speed between Homeseer and the interface.

    Any help?

    RS-232 is better and only the SA USB UPB interface is propietary. The PCS USB UPB interface is RS-232.

    Here primarily utilize the Leviton HAI UPB serial interface with a serial to USB cable. Secondary utilize the PCS Serial UPB interface, SA Serial UPB interface and SA UPB interface.

    There is the original HS3 UPB plugin which is no longer supported and the newer 3rd party UPB plugin which is supported and updated.

    does the PCS IP interface brings any advantages

    None other than the use of the IP interface. Here utilize a serial to network interface on one HAI serial interface for testing purposes.

    FYI here using a Leviton Omni Pro 2 combo panel with X10, UPB, Zigbee and ZWave interfaces. Homeseer 3 connects to X10, UPB, Zigbee, ZWave and MQTT.

    I've stayed with Powerline UPB for all of my in wall light switches. (Wall switches went from X-10==> Insteon ==> UPB over the years).

    Click image for larger version

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    1 - HAI serial UPB interface - works fine with plugin in Windows or Linux (using a serial to USB cable)
    2 - Simply Automated serial UPB PIM - works fine
    3 - Simply Automated USB UPB PIM - works fine with Windows. Propietary USB drivers.
    4 - Simply Automated Serial UPB PIM - works fine with Linux or Windows
    5 - PCS - Serial or USB - both the same and work fine with Linux or Windows.

    Additionally here have a PCS/HAI UPB phase repeater in place which worked better for me than a UPB (SA-PCS) phase coupler.

    Located near Chicago here and always had electrical conduit. New home builds included conduit (paid extra).

    In FL went to using BX on a new build and really did not like it; difficult to modify.

    I understand in MX BX is utilized and buried in walls eh?
    - Pete

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      There's an IP interface too. I have no experience, but it offers more capabilities and eliminates the need for a serial connection. (I use the PCS USB PIM and it works very well. It's really a serial PIM with a built-in USB-to-serial converter.)

      The PCS Gateway (IP interface) includes a modestly capable timer function that will run events relative to sunrise and sunset, and adds a way to control UPB devices from a phone or tablet. It doesn't add anything that HS can't do, but it may offer an advantage to a subsequent owner who isn't interested in an HA hobby. (The connection speed with HS is not an issue. Serial comm is actually quite slow compared to IP, and both are very fast compared to power line control signals.)
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