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re-adding a device

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    re-adding a device

    I accidentally deleted a UPB device and can seem to get it back after re-importing my UPE file, I even tried re-naming the device in upstart and re-importing to no avail
    How can i get the device back into homeseer?

    Thank you and Merry Christmas

    Make sure you are exporting the updated UPB file, and indeed importing that file into HS.

    Make sure that before you restart plugin that no HS device exists with the ADDRESS of the new UPB device. That is, 37-D98 is UPB device 98 on network 37. Also, as you have done, I'd make sure no HS device with same Room and Name exists in HS.

    If all of this appears to be the case, you probably are not really importing a new file that was exported with the changes.

    HS log will indicate if plugin creates a new device.


      i created a new export file, imported into homeseer to no avail, I see the device in the debug log and i see alot of errors that i dont understand as well "DEBUG UPStart_IMPORT:: "Transmit Component Count mismatch on deviceID 38 between import file (0) and device (1) " lots of errors like this