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UPBSpud process does not terminate

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    UPBSpud process does not terminate

    I assumed this was not an unknown issue, but at Rupp's recommendation I want to be sure I am not making an unwarranted assumption.

    When I disable UPBSpud its process does not reliably terminate. To install an update I need to kill the process with Task Manager. (If I do not kill the process before re-enabling the plug-in I see two copies of the process running in Task Manager.)
    I also notice that the process takes a long time (many minutes) to terminate when I close HomeSeer. In fact it appears that HS has to kill the process in order to complete the shutdown process.

    This plug-in is not the only one that behaves this way, and it's a minor nuisance, but I suppose it may point to an underlying problem.
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    Same with airplayspeak