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UPB communication problem

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    I think I may try a new PIM as well. I have had my PIM since before 2008.
    So far my problem with replacing with Z-Wave is that I haven't found a load switch that also contains a controller so all the extra buttons on the UPB switches have to be done another way other than at the switch itself.


      I ran into the attached application note on the Simply Automated website. It is an interesting thought. I have reached out to them to see if they are aware of this (or anything like it) solving problems with Powerwalls. The biggest problem I see is that when the Powerwall is a power generator the circuitry is on the wrong side of the breaker. From the datasheet it appears there is overcurrent protection in the battery itself which would solve that problem (something that would obviously need to be confirmed). But it is a little bit of re-wiring work and cost (12 10A attenuators for my two batteries @about $25-$30 each). It would be nice to know in advance that there is a good probability of success.

      But first, I'll try a new PCS PIM and I may replace a couple of the suspect devices with new devices to see if replacing my 20 year old devices helps. And then this solution will be my last ditch effort.

      My setup isn't quite as complicated as yours philgrocks -- just a single 200 Amp panel, but it feeds a 100 amp subpanel full of equipment for the swimming pool and it also feeds a 40 amp panel that powers the far reaches of the house. So we'll see. I'll get serious about this as soon as income taxes are done.
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