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UPB Event Trigger Only Works On First Attempt

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    UPB Event Trigger Only Works On First Attempt

    Since migrating to HS4, the UPB event only works upon a re-start of the plugin or restart of HS4. I have a Leviton HLC 6 Button keypad that when a key is pressed should, Arm my home, turn off all the lights and open a garage door. This only works the first time its used or upon a re-start and it's as if the trigger isn't detected by HS4 on future attempts. I have other similar events with other HLC 6 keypads with the same result. As a note the all lights " all off " function always works as that was programmed into upstart.

    Any help would be appreciated, thx

    Click image for larger version

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    Try the device value was just set or changed. Repeat key presses probably do not change the value, so the 'Value that Just Changed' trigger is no longer satisfied.
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      Thanks Uncle Mike, that worked perfectly. Thanks for taking the time to answer!