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Half of my UPB devices unresponsive after last update

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    I had a similar issue with SAI PIMs flashing the PIM out of date message while using UpStart. My fix was to downgrade my UpStart software a few versions to get functionality restored. Oddly enough, my HS system is configured with a SAI serial PIM and that has never been affected by this bug, so I only ever saw it when I used UpStart. I noticed the problem more with SAI versions of UpStart, so now I only use PCS versions with a PCS PIM. Now that SAI is out of the picture I’ve begun swapping out all of my SAI hardware for PCS equipment. I have 50+ devices in our home and PCS equipment is definitely pricier that SAI, so I am doing it incrementally with about half the house converted so far. With some luck I should have it all completed in the next 6 months or so.