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  • Integrate with MCSSprinklers

    Any chance of you getting together with Mike McSharry so I don't need a separate PIM for his plug-in to communicate to my Rain 8 UPB? Several months ago, when I asked him, he said he had asked you for appropriate API's and you had not responded (or something like that---it was a long time ago and I don't recall exactly what he said, but the gist of it was he was willing but needed info from you). Currently, his plug-in can interface with the Homeseer plug-in, or it can use its own PIM.

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    Oman who did the HST UPB plugin was the person with whom I had prior contact. Considering the effort involved for both plugin authors and now that HST has moved away from UPB I think the best solution is to just add another PIM.

    The Rain8UPB is not recognized by Upstart so it becomes difficult for the UPB plugin author to characterize it. For mcsSprinklers which is an application dedicated to irrigation it does not need to be concerned with any UPB device other than Rain8 so the special purpose code can be developed for only the Rain8UPB.


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      Thanks, Michael, for correcting my memory (it was quite awhile ago I reached out to you about this). I'll just stay with the second PIM.