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    Upstart 8.41

    Any idea when 8.42 is coming out?
    Last edited by Overst; January 29, 2016, 09:06 PM. Reason: error

    Originally posted by Overst View Post
    Any idea when 8.42 is coming out?
    I asked and here is the answer:
    Well, it was supposed to be last Monday but PCS ran into web site problems. I would like to have it released as soon as possible. Hopefully early next week.


      looks like Upstart 8.44 has been released:

      please try it and let me know.


        8.44 errors


        The new 8.44 upe sent your plugin error generator into overdrive.

        I send a debug level log from a reboot as well as the new UPE to your email.

        Plugin now stops and the windows error box come up saying "program has stopped working" It appears the plugin will not automatically reboot itself until that screen is dismissed manually. Cam you make the error screen stop popping up so the plug in will reboot itself in case it stops?



          Plug in crashes evry 39 minutes or so

          With 8,44 UPE file plugin crashes every 30 minutes or so. Does you plugin require the UPE to be constantly available?


            The plugin only needs the upe file at start up

            I don't see anything wrong in the log file you sent.
            I saw you are using version of the plugin, does that version worked with the previous upe file I fixed for you?

            Could you send or post debug logs of the actual crash?
            You can also try to start the plugin with the "developer mode" checkbox ticked, there may be more information logged to the console when the crash occurs.



              1. I did not notice any errors with the hand fixed file you sent me with the.30 version of the plugin.

              2. All of the problems were when I reexported the UPB file using 8.44.

              3. assumed statements like

              UPBSpud DEBUG UPStart_IMPORT:: Transmit Component Count mismatch on deviceID 191 between import file

              UPBSpud DEBUG UPStart_IMPORT:: device 155 is not a keypad, ignoring button record

              UPBSpud DEBUG UPStart_IMPORT:: Channel Count mismatch on deviceID 28 between import file (4) and device (1) -- updating device

              Were errors. Are they normal?

              4. Crashes usually occur when I get the following error in the log:

              Feb-02 9:15:36 PM Error Calling SetIOMulti in plugin UPBSpud:Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

              5. The crashes stopped last night amd I have not rebooted since the one shown immediately above.

              6. As I am sure you know the fan switches function like four button controllers so each button has a link with the fan speed associated with it. If you run the links from your program they seem to work as intended. Triggering the buttons on the device page does not work as intended and you end up with more than one button lit

              7. Thanks for all your hard work, Hopes this helps. What would you like me to send you next?


                1-2 This is surprising as there isn't a lot of differences between the 2 .upe files. Could you put back the previous .upe and test again.

                3. those are normal

                4. when you see "Error Calling SetIOMulti in plugin UPBSpud:Object reference not set to an instance of an object" it means the plugin has already crashed so it doesn't help to troubleshoot. What would be more interesting is the last log lines from the UPBSpud plugin before the crash.

                6. Was it working with previous versions? If you agree I will try to fix this after the crash problem is resolved, for that I would need some debug logs when you trigger a button from the device page.



                  I am fine with working on the buttons after everything else gets fixed.

                  I just enabled the developer mode and restarted the plugin. I will advise what happens.