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Windows dialog box is stopping plugging from restarting

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    Windows dialog box is stopping plugging from restarting

    Sometime about 8 hours ago (beyond log limit) I started getting the message
    "plug in not responding, still running, not restarting yet". This repeated every few minutes.

    This is accompanied by the windows dialog box saying program has stopped responding.

    As long as the windows box is open the program will not restart and just keeps writing the same message to the log.

    When I close the dialog box (using x in corner) the plugin restarts itself with no further action on my part.

    Can you fix this so the dialog box does not stop the program from restarting?

    program stopped during restart

    Further info. After I closed dialog box and plugin restarted it did not get totally through status before stopping again with same dialog box. Closing dialog box restarts program.

    I am sending you a debug file.


      there is already a mechanism in the program that should avoid this dialog box when the program crashes so I'm not sure what happens.

      and the logs you sent doesn't give me any clue.

      could you post a screenshot of the dialog box you see?
      can you replicate the crash systematically?
      could you enable the developer mode, so that you can see the console, there may be more information printed there.

      I'm surprised you said it was working with your previous .upe file because there isn't a lot of differences between the 2, could you put back this version and make sure it works?


        crash 2/5

        I emailed you log and screen pics of latest crash.


          crashed again

          I just sent you another log by email.


            it turns out that this problem was actually a bug in .NET framework 4.

            How to identify this problem: in the dialog box that appears when the program crash you should see something very similar to
            Fault module name: clr.dll
            Fault module version: 4.0.30319.1

            Solution: the easiest solution is to upgrade to ,NET framework version 4.6