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  • Duplicate devices

    for some reason all my UPBspud devices are duplicated, When i am in HSTouch designer and select an action then action type of homeseer device the drop down window shows all my UPB devices twice. This is causing duplicate entrys in the Alexa plugin and she doesnt like that.I just noticed that when i connected IFTTT to myhs.homeseer to make a "recipe" all my UPB devices are listed twice. Only one of the listed devices work so you have 50 50 chance of selecting the working device.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you

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    Have you by any chance run two different UPB plugins? I did that trying to decide which one I wanted and the both create a set of devices. If that's the case, you'll have to look at the device IDs to determine which ones go with the UPBSpud plugin. Mine have device IDs 170-Dxx where xx is the device ID from UPstart. I don't know if 170 is always the device ID for UPBSpud or if it varies from system to system. Once you figure out which ones do NOT belong to UPBSpud, you can delete them.
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      my devices are only duplicated when in the Designer interface and anything that connects to homeseer such as Alexa or IFTTT. My local device list is normal (no duplicates)

      I did install the homeseer UPB plugin and could not get it to work so i disabled it and installed UPBSPUD, that works

      Thank you


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        hmm... are you sure the devices are not duplicated in the HS web interface? as DC said, maybe the HST UPB plugin also created some devices, make sure your filters in the web interface show both UPBSpud and UPB devices.

        if you go to the events page and try to create a trigger based on a device value, does the list of devices also contains duplicates?


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          Thank you for the reply

          If i create a new event devices are listed twice in there as well
          but not in my device list, I have NO display filters (check all) in all three columns


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            what about hidden devices? you can show/hide them using the third button on the right top of the web interface.

            also, if you change the name of one of these devices, does it change the name of both duplicates in the other places?


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              Good test

              no hidden devices
              changing the name only changes 1, not both


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                This is a puzzle. Did the HST UPB plug-in create devices and did you delete those devices before removing the plug-in? (I'm wondering if removing the plug-in removed the device filter but left the devices in a limbo state.)

                As another tool, you might try Jon00's Device List Viewer to see if that finds the devices.

                If you can determine the Ref ID of the spurious devices, you should be able to delete them with a script.
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