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    Spud thank you very much for being so responsive.


      Thank you Spud for the additional options to your plugin.

      Here I have used one HAI UPB repeater, SA phase coupler and PCS phase coupler on one 200 AMP panel over the years. The oldest UPB switches are HAI and PCS. Newest are all SA.

      My HAI repeater is between two phases in one panel. It is suggested to use the phase repeater between panels (if you have more than one) and the phase coupler between phases in panels.

      My two phase couplers (PCS and SA) are connected to two autonomous breakers and are currently in off mode.

      I do utilize multiple PIMs here but related to the use of HS and my OmniPro 2. All of the controller PIMs are plugged in on separate circuits (with their own breakers) adjacent to the fuse panel with long serial cables.

      I use the outside of the fuse panel area UPB PIMs mostly to just check on the UPB device footprint, noise and signal strength. I use a floater UPB PIM to spot check signals.

      Today utilize HS as a back up / addendum to the OmniPro 2 UPB network. All of the PIMs see all of the UPB switches such there there is a common file (upstart and export upe) for all of the UPB PIMs.

      I do similar today for Z-Wave with one OmniPro VRCOP that talks to the same HS3 Z-Wave network.

      More tinkering these days I moved my Zee-2 / RPi2 to the attic and made it just a slave Z-Wave/X10/UPB 1-wire hub for a new Zee-2 box. Only thing here was that I plugged in the CM11A / HAI UPB PIM to an attic outlet in the attic which is different than my norm for this sort of stuff. Both the CM11A and HAI UPB PIM sees all of the x10 (which is just Christmas these days) and UPB switches just fine. This methodology would work just fine using Spud's second instance of a UPB plugin putting a UPB slave on one side of the house connected to one fuse panel and having it talk to the mothership on the other side of the house.

      Historically I had a UPB signal sucking thing going on and the UPB repeater fixed my issues.

      In the last two weeks noticed a up tick in noise and I am pretty sure that it is coming from one noisy circuit with a new transformer.

      Over the years here have added more circuits to get granular with the electrical but not really adding more amperage loads to the fuse panel. IE: broke down family room a bit such that one circuit was just for the lighting, one for the media stuff and one for the other outlets. I also utilize X10 today here. The X10 dual phase PIM is also on a separate circuit / breaker entrance to the panel. IE: all automation PIMs today are on their own circuit breakers with the only the PIMs (no other loads).

      I have though left the panel covers off for periods of time here to tinker with the placements of the PIM breakers. (square d / seimens breakers / alternative phases on each side of the panel type of thing). Then documenting the circuits with a map or picture drawn and stuck to the inside of the fuse panel door.

      Recently have added a box o UPB SA switches to my collection here and been testing each one; one by one; using same circuit outlet and have noticed some differences in signal strengths and noise with some of the switches and wondering about this. I stage the switch this way then install it.

      A user over on CT always mentions that the HAI/PCS phase repeater works only with the HAI/PCS switches and the PCS/SA phase repeater seems to only work with the PCS/SA switches. IE: mentions that the HAI/PCS switches are different than the SA switches relating to the working use of an SA phase coupler with SA switches and a repeater with the HAI/PCS switches.

      Here started a while ago with HAI / PCS then SA switches and currently see all of them just fine with just the UPB repeater on. Trying a bit to shrink the UPB wall footprint have gone to using dual load multiple paddle UPB switches.

      Over the last couple of weeks here while checking signals / noise see my signals all over the place with lows in the 30's and highs over 100 and some noisy areas up to about 6 or so.

      This had me experimenting where I put the PIMs/breakers in to the panels shifting them a bit.

      Note too here all of my electrical is in conduit and all of my switches are in metal boxes (no plastic anywhere in one home - romex-plastic in another home) such that I only use UPB switches for lighting dimming and not dimming loads. Still tinkering here with Zigbee (new) and Z-Wave. Experimented to UPB and Z-Wave (and Insteon) for my Christmas lighting and switched back to X10 using a dual phased TW-523 emulator (Jeff's X10 stuff). (did put electrical in outside perferal berms / mailbox and did get fine coverage with UPB, X10, Z-Wave and Zigbee). Not much in to wireless automation (except for RFID stuff) have everything wired to panel (hard switches via outputs and inputs wired to OP2 panel). IE: used buried wired sensors under driveway plus wired sets of PIRs. I only have a couple of water sensors wired to the panel today / water on off switch is wired. These trigger CO alarm notifications should a mishap occur (along with wired to panel smokes and stuff as secondaries to primary GC installed 120VAC/battery smokes). Homeseer backs up the CO stuff. Dual ISP here with failover to secondary, same for phone to CO such that I get notifications via CO and HS at the same time via text or emails plus the CCTV stuff (all wired POE these days).

      Just wondering if you had exhausted the shifting around of the PIMs / circuits / phase couplers / phase repeaters in your experimenting for best or just signal footprints to all of your UPB switches.
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