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Simply Automated UPB - Random reprogramming

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    Simply Automated UPB - Random reprogramming

    I thought I would post a quick question and see if this was just me or if others have encountered this.

    I recently purchased about 40 UPB switches from Simply Automated to automate most of the lighting in my house (was using X10 previously). I love the flexibility and programming that this provides even if it was a little pricey. The only issue that I have had so far after about two months of use is that some of the switches will randomly get reprogrammed and not operate as desired. I have three occurances so far with a total of about 10 changes across about 6 separate switches.

    I am using UPStart to program the switches and the only value that ever changes is the Single Tap action Light Level %. I have all of these programmed to ramp to 85% or 90% with a ramp rate 1.6 seconds. Some of these have randomly changed the light level % to things like 0%, 13%, 78%, etc. None of the other parameters are affected. I am using a combination of US2-40 and US1-40 switches in approximately equal amounts and it is the US1-40 switches that seem to have this problem. The house is about 4,500 sq ft and I have a UPB phase coupler in the breaker box. All of the switches work reliably so I don't think this is noise related. Even the ones that get reprogrammed still respond to link transmissions and rocker toggles based on their "new" programmed parameters.

    Here are the technical details on the switches that seem to have this problem:
    Switch Manufacturer: Simply Automated
    Switch model: US1-40 Single Rocker Dimming Switch
    Firmware: 02.18
    Dimming: Enabled
    Fade Rate: 1.6 seconds

    Anyone seen anything similar? Did I just get a batch of bad switches? Is this a bug in the switch firmware?

    Any help/advice would be appreciated.

    Sounds like you have the light level in the receive tab set to "Last on level" This would create the effect you report. See below
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      On second thought you may have the "Last on level" box checked in the Rocker switch tab...
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        Nope, no ghosts programming your switches. Besides not using "Last on Level" if you are like Event5 says also go to the "Advanced" tab and turn OFF "remember last level." For some unknown reason, if it is so much as turned on, switches default to the last level. I don't know if it a bug or "feature." I have one switch, when even when its turned OFF, it STILL remembers it. I think this is a bad switch.


          It wasn't the "Last On Level" but I think Anogee identified my problem. I had taken a snapshot of all of the affected switches before reprogramming them and they all had the "Store last level" set to "On" in the Advanced tab.

          I'll go turn that setting off on all of those switches tonight when I get home.

          Thx for the help.


            Yes, unless you use that feature, TURN IT OFF.