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    I already have an SA in the fuse panel phase coupler. I am trying a PCS in the fuse panel coupler to see if it improves my opposite phase signals. All my same side as PIM signals are decent but all my opposite phase of PIM signals are much lower.

    I changed my HS UPB locations and all of my UBP devices work and receive status the same as when they were in the unique locations. I wonder though if I shutdown HS and reboot it if they'll go back by reading the UPB Upstart UPE file.

    What's unique about UPB is the ability to control your lighting via links that you can assign to a group of devices. If you want you can assign a unique on and off link to only one device. My nightly 2nd floor lighting is set to one link at 30%. This one link turns on every bedroom lamp. An after midnight security event turns on only one device (full brightness) and then turns it off. (here I am not using a link).

    my example the 2 follow the same 1 device?
    Two (2) links can follow one device or two devices can follow one link. When I physically set the brightness on my office lamp via the switch to 20% I only see this switch going to 20% on Upstart, Homeseer or the HAI OPII; nothing else. If I program the switch with double taps to turn on a link (say 30%); this link will change all of the light switches assigned to it.

    I've attached an Upstart configuration guide. I am not sure if you've had a look at this yet. It does explain many of the UPB methodologies relating to UPB links and devices.

    Shutdown and restarted HS a few times tonight and did notice that whenever the UPB plugin starts and reads the UPE file it creates location/device for each UPB device.
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      Further down the road....

      Could this work for my needs?

      I am looking at configuring the upstart file so the locations of my devices fall into 3 locations, (not UPB Device Link) location.


      How can I do this?

      That way when HS reads the config file.... no changes are to be made that messes up the UPB plugin.
      Hope this is what was explained?

      (I am not using HS Touch) just Reg. HS web page. All my other devices can be moved and reorganized to any location but UPB will not work with any changes when ther are on HS side. (that should be locked sine the device will not be able to be controlled if you change this parameter)

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