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The UPB Include in Power Fail Recovery does not work.

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    The UPB Include in Power Fail Recovery does not work.

    Will not update a device that is included.

    Is HS remembering last state (that I set) or is the priority a powerfail recovery settings?

    --- PIM IFORMATION ---
    9/20/2011 03:46:36 PM UPB Network ID: FF
    9/20/2011 03:46:36 PM UPB Module ID: 30
    9/20/2011 03:46:36 PM UPB UPB Options: 00000000
    9/20/2011 03:46:36 PM UPB UPB Version: 1
    9/20/2011 03:46:36 PM UPB Manufacturer ID: 04
    9/20/2011 03:46:36 PM UPB Product ID: 030
    9/20/2011 03:46:36 PM UPB Firmware Version: 4.17
    9/20/2011 03:46:36 PM UPB PIM Options: 11110011
    9/20/2011 03:46:36 PM UPB (Message Mode Enabled)
    9/20/2011 03:46:36 PM UPB ----------------------

    Does anyone have a stable working Include in Power Fail Recovery
    function working. I have a number of devices set for this but after a HS stop and restart, the device is not changed to the last 12 hours that I have configured.

    IF I have an event where a device will turn on at 3:20 PM and have it - Include in Power Fail Recovery - checked. at 3:30 PM , I turn that device off and I stop HS and then start HS.

    The powerfail should update the device if it is within the range of configuration.

    Enable event catch-up upon power restoration: Yes
    Number of hours to catch-up: 12
    Allow scripts to run during recovery?: Yes
    At startup, delay recovery by 120 seconds

    Tested it again, not working. I do not see a log of this recovery running either? IS this normal?

    Entries are:
    9/20/2011 03:33:34 PM System Synchronizing events from 9/20/2011 03:33:00 AM until now

    9/20/2011 03:33:34 PM System Synchronizing Events: Waiting for event actions to process...

    9/20/2011 03:33:34 PM System Synchronization complete, updating devices
    but the 3:20 PM event is not run.

    Anyone having this same issue on the UBP plugin?
    HS3 Standard Edition

    Perhaps I do not understand your question fully, but it sounds as though you may be misinterpreting the power fail recovery process.

    As I understand it, you have a light that should come on at 3:20. I assume it did. Then at 3:30 you turn it off. After that, you turn off HS and then turn HS back on. I would not expect the light to turn on again because HS had already turned it on. There is no need for HS to 'catch up' because HS didn't miss that event.

    What happens if you turn HS off at 3:15, before the light is supposed to turn on, then turn HS back on at 3:30? I would guess that HS will 'catch up' and turn the light on because it missed the scheduled 3:20 turn-on time.

    Have you tried it that way?
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    HS3 Pro Edition, NUC i3

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      Powerfail recovery

      I might very well not understand how it works.

      I see what you mean when "HS will turn the light on because it missed the scheduled 3:20 turn-on time."

      I understand what you explained, It appears that if a manual "turn a light off" occurs and then HS is stopped and restarted, HS will only update the device, if there was an event after HS stops that did not get executed. I see the process.

      I wanted a "reset devices" to current time and not the setting that was set by the local users. On a per event choice. Sort of a "scene reset / forced update" check box.

      Othertimes, the opposite controls were a feature that HS had while back - HS had a selection if "device is already on" - update or ignore event. So a local user would not be challenged by HS if they turned on a light manually.
      "you turn on a light and 2 minutes later HS turns off the light from an event that was scheduled, so you turn it back on"

      Automation battles on some events.

      Thanks for your explaination.
      Last edited by Richard; September 20, 2011, 05:24 PM.
      HS3 Standard Edition