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Feature request - fade rate

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    Feature request - fade rate


    I would like to know if it is possible to add an API (even if only callable from a script) to control the fade rate of a UPB on/off command.

    I am trying to mimic behavior I had in my ELK where I had "Set light xx to 65%, Fade rate = x"


    The fade rate can be set using UpStart. AFAIK the HS plug-in is designed to work with, but not duplicate UpStart features.

    PS. Does the Elk actually allow you to control fade rate on UPB by event? I wonder why?
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      Thanks for the feedback - Yes, you can set the fade rate in UPStart - that is the fade rate when you press the local control.

      I admit this is an esoteric use, but the behavior I had previously was:

      - 'Default' fade rate was set in upstart that was the normal (in my case, fast) fade rate.
      - When I controlled the device with a 'rule' I had specified a different fade rate. In the example I had the foyer lights turn off with a very slow (30 second) fade at night.

      I know I could do this by defining a link - just wondering if there was some way to do it without the link.