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PulseWorx PGW Gateway

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    PulseWorx PGW Gateway

    I would like to upgrade my powerline interface module (PIM) to the PulseWorx Gateway PGW which uses Ethernet. Currently using a com based PIM. I noticed in the plug-in (version that there isn't a choice in the powerline device menu for the PGW. Is this in the works or is there another way to interface with the PGW?

    Also I noticed that in the new (ver 8 build 41) UPStart you can export to the PIM directly. Is that something new and will I still export to the homeseer.upe file?


    It is my impression that HST does not plan to add capability to this plug-in, or if they do, it will be quite low in priority. If you are using HS3, I think Spud's UPB plug-in is the most likely (only?) alternative where new capability could be added.
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      Yes, I am using HS3 Pro.

      I wonder how they can choose to ignore UPB?