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Does CM12 work with X10 plugin on HS3?? [Answer: yes it does]

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  • Does CM12 work with X10 plugin on HS3?? [Answer: yes it does]

    I have a CM11 working fine but aging and was wandering what interface to buy as a backup.

    I am unable to buy another CM11 here in the UK but can buy a CM12.

    What is the difference and will it work with the CM11 plugin, i.e. will this be a straight plug n play??

    Any thoughts would be useful before I buy the wrong device.
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    I do not have a CM12U nor have I ever used one, but I believe the CM12U is the European (230V) version of the CM11A, so it should work with the plugin. Just be sure to select "CM11A Compatible" when setting up the plugin.

    If anyone knows more about the CM12U please chime in!
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      Yes the CM12 is just a CM11 with a UK socket on it and likely internal changes to make it 230V compliant. It responds just fine to the CM11 protocol, they do have a tendency to just die suddenly though!!
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        Many thanks to all

        Thanks for the info. This is as I hoped