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  • Creating events

    Thanks to everyone's help, I was able to successfully get the X10 Plug-in working and all my devices entered. Now I need help in creating an Event. I am looking to create an event that turns selected devices on for sunset at a preset time and off for dawn at a preset time. How do I go about doing this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, is there any way that I can print a hard copy of my devices? I did this in HomeSeer 1.4. That's how I was able to get all the information entered in HS3. Thank you.

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    I found that I could print the device list through Windows print. Thank you anyway, but I still need help with the Event Manager.


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      Reading the Event sub-forum will help you with events:

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        Thank you, Michael. I followed your link. With your detailed instructions and screenshots I was able to create my events with no problem. You are a great help to everyone out there.