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X10 commands over Ethernet to Arduino? [Not supported]

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  • X10 commands over Ethernet to Arduino? [Not supported]

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    Originally posted by Bugman1400 View Post
    I guess I’m stuck between the Arduino plugin and the X10 plugin. I have an Arduino Uno w/ an Ethernet shield, terminal board, and TW523 device. I was able to use the Arduino X10 libraries and hard coded a sketch (Blink sketch) to send On/Off commands to my X10 devices. Now, I would like to use a similar Blink program to send the On/Off commands over Ethernet via HS3.
    What will receive the commands?
    X10 commands have to be translated by a PIM before being transmitted on the power line. Is it your intention to send the commands by Ethernet to your TW523 using the Uno X10 library as the translator?
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      I would like to send the X10 commands over Ethernet to my Arduino. The Arduino is already connected to my XTB-IIR. The current Blink sketch in the Arduino will be replaced so, I can send other commands instead of just the On/Off.
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        Sorry, but neither the X10 plugin nor CM15a plugin support sending/receiving X10 data over ethernet to/from an Arduino.
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