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    Originally posted by racerfern View Post
    Right now, it doesn't much matter. My second CM15A just broke where the USB cable plugs in. The center piece pulled out and I didn't realize it. When I went to plug it back in, the silver contacts inside got mangled. I straightened them as best as possible and it worked for a day. Now it's not recognized by AHP.

    I've thrown in the towel on X10, refusing to invest a penny more. I have one remaining X10 dimmer switch which I will switch to z-wave as soon as I run a wire with neutral down from the ceiling.
    I thought you had dozens of x10 devices and a CM15a you wanted to utilise. I don't see you needing to spend a single cent to achieve this. On the other hand if you're throwing the towel in with x10 that's a completely different matter.

    Another x10 user bites the dust. Good luck with your Z-Net endeavours.


      I thought you had dozens of x10 devices and a CM15a you wanted to utilise
      I do, and I did. I have two CM15a units. One stopped working a few months ago and the other broke the other day. I was moving my entire setup into a nice cabinet and the USB port broke. I would have to buy a CM15a or something that would work with at least the powerline portion. I don't see a way around that. AFA other X10 devices, I have more dimmers, appliance modules, lamp modules and assorted pieces than I can shake a stick at. I even have an SC1200 and various security modules. Not sure what I'm going to do with them.

      Fortunately, my z-net/z-wave experience has been excellent. I've even incorporated zigbee through the JowiHue PI and the entire setup is rock solid.


        Not sure what I'm going to do with them.


        You can give the X10 stuff away right here on the Homeseer forum or put it all in a box and store it for some future time.

        Here have kept (and I do not know why) a box o Insteon stuff that I will probably never use.

        As mentioned earlier here utilize X10 for my Christmas lighting; fast and easy.
        - Pete

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          Yes, but without a CM15A or some powerline (forget RF) control ability they're useless. Not sure what else in X10 the plugin will communicate with. CM15A and CM11A. Or through RFX or WGL800 but I don't have any of those.


            The X10 plugin works with the CM11a (or any device that emulates a CM11a) and the Ti103 interfaces.

            The broken USB connector on your working CM15a could be easily replaced. If you'd like to ship both of your units to me I can replace the USB connector on the 'working' unit and see if the other unit is salvageable.
            Best regards,

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              I truly appreciate the offer, let me think about it because I fear it will only extend my painful experiences.