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Very basic X10 configuration question [Answered]

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    Very basic X10 configuration question [Answered]

    Last edited by mfisher; April 17, 2018, 08:46 AM.

    Please refer to the instructions at "How to create a new X10 device". Do not change the 'Code', 'Address', 'Status Only' and 'IsDimable' fields on the "Configuration" tab. The X10 plugin does not read these fields and changing them may have negative effects on the proper operation of your X10 system.

    On the Config page, 'Code' is filled in automatically by HS3 when a new device is created. Changing this after your device is created will not change the X10 code in the plugin and may cause confusion between HS3 and the X10 plugin.

    'Address' will be automatically created by HS3 and will have the X10 Code appended to it once the X10 device has been created. This code is the one set in 'Code' on the Config tab and is not related to the code set on the X10 tab. Always make X10 related changes on the X10 tab and let HS3 manage those fields on the Config page.
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      Hmmm... not seeing the X10 tab on my Raspi HS3 trial. Yes, I've downloaded the CM-11 interface and the plug-in status comes back as OK in the plug-in management screen.

      Any ideas?

      ...and yes, I'm mmmmaybe being suckered back into the HS fold because I have too much X-10 stuff that works, other than my now-dead HS2 PC. I'm looking at the Pi and at a PC build, maybe, depends on how this issue shskes out since I have a Pi3 and don't have a new version of Windows vista or better laying around.

      Thanks, and sorry about the mini rant.


        1 - Enable debug using the checkbox in developer mode on the installed plugins page.

        2 - restart your RPi

        3 - look at the logging. It should show the plugin connecting to your CM11A.

        4 - follow the instructions above to add an X10 device. You should see this with your first device configured.


        5 - baby steps
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          Originally posted by trcobb View Post
          Hmmm... not seeing the X10 tab on my Raspi HS3 trial. Yes, I've downloaded the CM-11 interface and the plug-in status comes back as OK in the plug-in management screen.
          Not sure this is the problem, but if you attempt to create a new X10 device and a new device screen (pictured in Pete's post) does not open, but the new device is only listed on the Device Management page, then you have to try again.

          You MUST follow the instructions referenced in Mark's post (post #2) to the letter, and you cannot do that unless the new device screen opens. (There is a bug that can prevent that from happening consistently.) Once you get one successful X10 device, the easiest way to add more is to copy an existing device, rename it and give it the proper X10 address.
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            Thanks, guys. I'll shake it up again and see it if fizzes.


              ....and we have fizz. I repeat, we have fizz!

              That got the X10 device tab available, and now I can config things. Thanks!!!


                Yes I've seen that before. To get round it I create a device, delete it and create another device straight after that and the x10 tab appears.