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Detecting "All Units Off"

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  • Detecting "All Units Off"

    Long-time X10er, new to HS. I just purchased a Zee S2 and I've run into a couple of frustrating problems I need help sorting out.

    I'm trying to set up an event triggered by pushing the "All Units Off" button on an X10 controller which will then relay the command to my Z-Wave devices. Seems simple enough but I can't get the CM15A: Receive Command to detect "All Units Off".

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    Hello Chief Ono, welcome to HomeSeer!

    First a quick background on the HomeSeer X10 plugins: several years ago HS (the company) decided to no longer support their X10 plugins (3 of them; X10, CM15a for Windows and CM15a for Linux) because the X10 technology is aging and they felt it was no longer worth the development effort to support a declining protocol. In the past I supported the HS2 version of the Ti103 plugin and I still use X10 in my automation environment today, so I volunteered to provide support for the HS X10 plugins. Please note that I am not an employee of HS nor am I paid for my efforts. Further, my business keeps me quite busy which leaves me with very limited time to devote to this effort.

    Unfortunately there are many issues with the CM15a plugins (both Windows and Linux) and whenever possible I recommend that folks switch to an X10 interface that works with the "X10 plugin." These would the CM11a, Ti103 and any compatible devices such as the XTB232.

    If you are set on using the CM15a hardware then please know that there are some significant limitations and you will likely encounter errors and bugs as you implement X10 into your HS3 environment. I will do what I can (when I can) to help resolve these.

    A couple of things to note about the CM15a plugins:
    1) Preset Dim commands (sending and receiving) are not supported.
    2) The X10 RF features of the CM15a are not supported and any data received by the CM15a may cause the plugin to do strange and unpredictable things in HS.

    The issue you have discovered of HS event trigger of 'CM15a: All Units Off received' not working is a bug and I will look into this when I am able. Note that this trigger issue also applies to all of the received "ALLxxx" X10 commands (All Units On, All Units Off, All Lights On), so in the interim I would suggest triggering on a specific device command instead.
    Best regards,

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      I have come up against a second issue which may or may not be related. I'll start a new thread to explain in detail but it seems events can't be triggered via Google Assistant?