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    I didn't notice this till today. It says he is from Ventura County, CA
    Hope all is ok with all the fires out that way.
    I haven't seen him on for awhile.


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    Yes, have been dealing with the Hill Canyon & Woolsey fires. These were ferocious wind driven fires that burned more than 100K acres (4.5K & 98.3K respectively) in just a couple of days. To add insult to injury, we had a live shooter event the night before the fires started, so it's been a very trying time for our communities.

    You may recall that we also had the Thomas fire last Dec that started the same way (during a wind event) and it burned almost 300K acres. At one point that fire was less than a mile from my business.

    Fortunately my family, friends and employees are all safe and did not sustain any major damage, and things are beginning to return to normal as the fires come under control, the evacuation orders are lifted and folks are able to return home.

    Unfortunately we will likely be in the news again when it rains as all the burn areas are prone to mudslides...
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