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X10 Devices with embedded event triggers not working

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    X10 Devices with embedded event triggers not working

    Hi, I am new to Homeseer SEL and this forum.
    I have a primarily X10 automated home with a few Insteon devices.
    Dusk-to-dawn or dusk-to-"time" events either don't trigger at all or post an error in the log
    CM15A Error executing action: Conversion from string "" to type 'Integer' is not valid.
    I read a previous workaround but didn't understand it.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Welcome to HomeSeer and to the board! Please post your HS3 version and version of the CM15a plugin you are using. Also post a screen shot of one or both of your events that do not trigger.

    I would suggest installing the current beta plugin for the CM15a that you will find here: Be sure to get v for the CM15a.
    Best regards,

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      Thank you!

      Last night I figured out an option that seems to be working fine and I think it helped me understand previous posts on this subject.

      After choosing an appropriate time condition in the event, for THEN, instead of choosing "CM15A: Send Command" I select "Control a Device" and then select either Off or On as required.

      I will download and install the latest CM15A beta plugin also.

      Best regards,