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    HS3 X10 Triggered Events

    (Originally posted in HS3 Event Clinic … it was suggested I repost here)./

    I am in the process of upgrading to HS3 and it would seem some functionality that was available with HS2 is not available with HS3, specifically the ability to trigger an event based on receiving X-10 Extended Codes. I was using this feature with an old Stanley Garage Door monitor, albeit ancient but it still works like a charm.

    ' The door sensor sends a an extended command when the door is open or closed
    ' The command format is:
    ' [house][device][door code][29]
    ' the [door code] is as follows:
    ' 16 or 18 for door 1 closed
    ' 17 or 19 for door 1 open
    ' 32 or 33 for door 2 closed
    ' 34 or 35 for door 2 open

    From what I can determine, there is no way to trigger an event based on reception of an X10 Extended Code, is this correct?
    If so, is there a reason why this functionality was dropped?

    Any thoughts on how I can keep using the Stanley Garage Door monitor with HS3?


    You are correct that there is not a way to trigger on receiving an X10 'Extended Code' (or 'Extended Data') in the HS3 X10 plugins. I do not know why this and several other features were removed when the CM11a & Ti103 plugins were migrated from HS2 to HS3 and merged, but I suspect it was to reduce complexity within the plugin while providing the most commonly used functions.

    Looking at HS2 I see that there is the ability to trigger on receiving an X10 'Extended Code' for a specific House/Unit only, however there is not a way to trigger on the 'data' or 'code' bytes.

    I can look into adding this trigger to the plugin. Would the functionality that is in HS2 be sufficient for you? Also, which X10 plugin are you using:
    1) X10 (for CM11a/Ti103 hardware) running under Windows
    2) X10 (for CM11a/Ti103 hardware) running under Linux
    3) CM15a running under Windows
    4) CM15a running under Linux

    Please note that I volunteered to support the X10 plugins when HST made the decision to no longer support them. I do not work for HS3 nor am I paid for my efforts. My business keeps me very busy leaving very limited time to devote to this effort and I have a few other plugin issues to resolve so it may be a while before I can address this.
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      Sorry for the delay in responding to your message. I am using this plugin

      1) X10 (for CM11a/Ti103 hardware) running under Windows

      ..and yes, if the X10 Extended Code HS2 functionality could be built into the HS3 plug-in that would be great as it would allow me to continue using the Stanley Garage Door monitors that have been working flawlessly for years!