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CM15A X10 with Iphone x10 commander app

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    CM15A X10 with Iphone x10 commander app

    I've had a cm15a for probably 7 years and use it with an Iphone app called x10 commander, by melloware. This lets you use an iphone to control your devices with the cm15a plugged into your computer.

    This has worked out great for years, 7 years. Now, every few hours it stops working and commands don't work, unless I unplug the cm15a out of the outlet and wait a bit and try it again. When I do that, all the commands that I tried to use from the iphone will happen afterwards (like it stored the command I pressed on the iphone in memory somehow, which then makes a lot of stuff turn off and on later) It's gotten worse over time and didn't just instantly start doing this. But now I can only go 3-4 hours before it stops doing the commands. Ideas?

    I was going to get a new cm15a but after reading a few posts, it seems that may not fix it.

    All I need installed for this to work was the host app, x-10 commander, on the pc, and the x-10 commander app on the iphone, which works over 3g or wifi. In task manager the only things I see are: X10commander.exe and X10nets.exe

    Any advice is welcome as this is driving me insane. THe app also have it's on log file, but it doesn't show any errors for this type of problem it seems.

    Also, I don't use the active home software, I don't need it with this, but I think there are files installed in the background of course to make my setup work.
    I recently installed this yesterday, but it didn't fix the issue. The below is from one of the authors of x10 commander that was trying to hekp me also. "Jackie install this

    The above install, installs the latest Active HOME and DLL drivers. You can
    see from the X10 Commander log you sent me here is the version of the
    DLL you are running right now.

    12/15/2018 4:26:50 PM [ INFO] INIT X10 COM Object found and being loaded
    12/15/2018 4:26:50 PM [ INFO] INIT X10 COM v313
    12/15/2018 4:26:50 PM [ INFO] INIT X10 DLL v3.0.0.313 "

    I have also found if I unplug the cm15a for 10 sec (no batteries in it) then re-plug back in, then close you the x10 commander app and re-open it will work again, but maybe for only 1 hr, 5 hours, then it stops.....

    Are you a HS3 user or is this a query about X10. If its the latter I suggest you wander over to the X10 forum and pose that question there. There are still a few knowledgeable X10 users over there who could help you with this problem

    I will say if you haven't changed anything recently it definitely sounds hardware related. Have you added any new appliances onto your power line that may be causing noise issues. It is also possible that your CM15 is beginning to fail but highly unlikely.