Using CM15 plugin and Trying to create a HStouch slider to control a lamp module which would replicate the "set to"/levels from 1 to 99
I will add an on/off button on top which will toggle between off and on (latest level value)

however, for some reason, it seems like HStouch, when the slider is moved all the way up, sends an "on" command instead of "level 99"
The problem is that "on" brings back the last value instead of brightening the lamp to "level 99"
Is this a standard behavior from HStouch or am I doing something wrong?

When using the web interface/device management slider + "set to", it works as expected.
But when I associate the device to a slider in HStouch, I get the above behavior.

I've tried multiple changes & combinations without success,
even if I limit the values in HStouch to other values, like 1-25, sliding all the way up seems to always send the "on" command (instead of 25 in this example);
any way to disable this behavior?

also, since X10 wont return status, is it possible for the status to reflect the last "sent" value instead of looking for actual device status?

any help would be appreciated.