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RTB232 not functioning with HS4

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    RTB232 not functioning with HS4

    I've been using Jeff Voip's XTB 232 since 2015 (and previous years the CM15) with HS2 without any problem. The upgrade to HS3 has remained more or less unused for me, too much hassle to get X10 working. However, recently I bought the upgrade to HS4 and installed it on a new Win 10 pc. The plan is to gradually switch to Z wave. Problem is that although the XTB 232 is found and recognized as CM11a, no X10 codes come out.

    For info: the XTB232 works fine on a HS2 WIN 7 pc. It also works on the HS3 WIN 7 pc.

    Can this still be solved by a further upgrade of the plugin or should I forget X10 completely on HS4?

    If you felt it was too much hassle using XTB232 with HS3 I imagine you will have the same experience with HS4. I don't use that particular unit but CM11 and CM15 have worked fine both on HS3 and now on HS4. Had you tried at any stage to to engage with mfisher to get it working in HS3.


      Victor Please make sure you are using the latest version of the plugin (v3.0.0.51 as of 02Aug2020). The XTB232 interface looks like a CM11a to the X10 plugin so it should work properly. Try enabling the 'Debug Mode' option in the current plugin version and post any relevant log snips here so I can see what's going on.
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        Originally posted by Victor View Post
        Problem is that although the XTB 232 is found and recognized as CM11a, no X10 codes come out.
        Can you explain what you mean by "no X10 codes come out"? My XTB232 is working without issue in HS3, but setting up an X10 device involves dealing with some quirks in HS3, and I'm betting it's similar in HS4, though I don't have experience with HS4.

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