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Creating new X10 devices in HS4 ***IMPORTANT***

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    Creating new X10 devices in HS4 ***IMPORTANT***

    The best way to use X10 within HS4 is create a new X10 (virtual) device for every X10 device that you are controlling. This way HS will be able to keep track of the status for each device. The plugin is a very simple bridge between the X10 hardware interface (CM11a, Ti103, CM15a) and HomeSeer. Typically you create all your X10 devices and then create events to control the devices in HS. You can also create events that simply send an X10 command on the powerline but these commands will not change or update devices in HS and why it's best to control the devices in HS.

    All of the X10 plugins that I support ("X10" Win/Linux, CM15a Win and CM15a Linux) are HS3 versions that have been updated to run under HS4, but they have not been rewritten for HS4 so you must access the plugin user interface a little differently. You create a new X10 device from the Plugins menu in the following way:

    You then select the X10 HouseCode, UnitCode and device type for the new device and click Add Device.

    Once you've added your device(s) in this way you an edit them from the HS4 user interface and there will be an X10 tab that allows you to re-edit the X10 specific information. Also, you can control these devices using the HS4 interface and control them using events (rather than manually sending X10 commands on the powerline from an event).

    When you have issues and want to post details, please be sure to post the relevant snippets from your HS4 log (rather than your setup info) so we can see the details of what happened. You access the HS4 log from the menu Tools / Log.
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