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CM15a: X10 devices keep switching to "OFF"

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    it's not just you!

    Okay, I've finally been able to get logged in here to start with this. I too am having all the x10 icons on Homeseer 3, (CM15A, Windows XP) just turn off. The actual lights stay on, but HS3 indicates then all off.

    However! In my case, I have isolated it down to an "extended dim" command. One of my newer X10 wall switches supports it, so I tried to include levels in some events, and there it went.

    I'm thinking there are a few bugs yet in the HS3 CM15A plugin. For me, Extended Dim does it, for you, the MTCDDVD, whatever that is.

    I've also noticed that HS3 doesn't actually trigger off incoming X10 commands, only off virtual devices set to those addresses... Which is unfortunate...
    And, it doesn't really support "All off" commands, instead it sends an off for each unit code, at 1 second apiece so it takes 16 seconds to turn off a whole house code instead of 1. And since it can't trigger directly off received X10 commands, like "F All Off", I can't have it send an all off to my Z-wave devices.

    Sorry, that started to ramble and I don't know if those need to be separate threads, but they all seem to be related to the CM15A plugin on Windows, and not knowing what to do with some of the more "new" (?) parts of X10?

    Of course, I have no idea where else to go with this, I'm pretty new.

    -HS3/CM15A/Z-Troller, slowly migrating X10 to Z-Wave.


      Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone any more!
      I have been testing HS3 from its first beta release, now more than a year ago but I only recently migrated everything to HS3 (now on beta .149) because of the X15 bug. As I have a lot (15) of X10 devices I had to reinstall Windows 7 because Win 8.1 has no drivers for the X10 (CMA11A). I have now the X10 and the X15 interface simultaneously installed for all my devices. I need the X15 copy to ensure my RF remotes work OK. The status of my X15 devices changes to OFF randomly, but I disregard their status of the X15 copy and only take into account the X10 copy. It's not elegant, and at times it's complicated, but it has been working reliably for over three weeks now.

      You may want to add your bug to my bugzilla:

      My X10 devices have been working reliably for many years with HS2. For new devices I recently purchased Z-wave but I cannot say they are more reliable and therefor I don't feel the need to replace all X10/X15 with Zwave. The only advantage I can see is that Zwave reacts immediately, while X10/X15 sometimes has a delay of several seconds.


        Having two X10 interfaces plugged in and working at the same time can cause all kinds of issues such as random noise, looping command calls, etc. Without an X10 signal monitor it's impossible to know exactly what is being transmitted on the powerlines.


          Hi Rupp,

          thanks for pointing out, but I am aware of that problem and I would certainly not recommend anyone to do likewise. It is however an attempt to finally move to HS3. I feel HS3 is definitely better than HS2, but HS2/X15 has served me well for many years and I have so heavily invested in X15 that I hate loosing it.
          Some of my X15 devices are neatly hidden behind a wall, replacing them would involve a lot of handiwork and a repainting job.
          I guess you are probably convinced that I'm experiencing noise, I have done so many tests that I know it is not noise (I am a -albeit retired- professor of experimental plasma physics, I know about noise).
          I have one option left: moving to HS3 on Linux. HS3/X15 works perfectly on Linux (come to think of it, one more reason why my X15 problem cannot be noise). I missed however the UltraNetCam plugin, but I just today discovered that UltraNetCam is now available for Linux, so I will give it a try.


            I have an extensive X-10 installation for more than 15 years.
            My existing system is based on an OmniPro-II and an X10-Pro PCS-05 interface,
            With all the required filter, bridge and whatnot.
            I also have one Power line signal analyser (lucky me).
            I presently do some testing with my new HS S6-Pro troller.
            I set-up and test adequately Insteon PI/Devices, ZigBee PI/Devices, and ZWave PI/Devices.
            I received my CM-15 two days ago.
            God, what is that!
            Devices C5 is working when controlled with HS WebControl device on/off button, but I also see on my analyser other signal like C5 On and C9 on, there is no such event in my systems.
            I manage also to make an X10 device work with a HS event!
            Initially, trying to put an On button with HSTouch get no success, no signal at all transmitted on power line. Playing with C5 status graphics in configuration (Disabling the 2 On/Off line, or renaming the second On/Off string), get bizarre result. When pressing On button, I was able to send some signal, partial and non-related to what I was programming (like signal CDM, meaning device C dimming, but the address in not complete, C5, and the Dimming option on that device is not enable).

            What HomeSeer engineer are saying on that issue???


              Update on HS3 with CM15A+CM12A

              I have been running HS3 with my weird simultaneous X10+X15 configuration for more than a month now: RF commands are received by CM15A and executed 100 %, power line x10 commands are received, sent and executed 100 % by CM12A.
              This is the most reliable Homeseer I ever had, has been running for over a month without shutdown.
              I still wish the Homeseer team could solve the CM15A "status off" problem, then I could ditch my old CM12A interface.


                Update April 12 2015

                I' thought I'd mention this in case anyone is interested:
                Still running the same HS3 +X10+X15 setup on Windows 7 as a temporary solution. Has been faultless for 4 months now.


                  Originally posted by WfromL View Post
                  I have been running HS3 with my weird simultaneous X10+"................RF commands are received by CM15A and executed 100 %, ...................... .
                  Can you provide more information about how you receive RF commands with the CM15A. I was not aware this was supported by the HS3 plugin for the CM15A.

                  Steve Q

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                    WfromL, when you get a chance please install and test Beta v3.0.0.10 (posted here: and let me know what happens.

                    Digging into the CM15a plugin code I see that the plugin assumes all RF traffic received would only be X10 traffic! This results in all non-X10 RF traffic being passed to the callbackX10Event() code within the plugin with invalid Device, Command and Value parameters. Your device which results in the log entry "CM15A DEBUG Received CM15 Address:M1, Command:socialite,7e,7b,f2,71,84" is being improperly passed to the X10 processing logic as "M1 AllUnitsOff".

                    The beta version I just posted tries to address this by blocking all received data (PLC or RF) that is NOT one of the following commands: AllUnitsOff, AllLightsOn, On, Off, Dim, Bright. It will also log the data that was received to the HS log so we can better see what is happening.

                    Since there is no way for me to test all of the possible RF devices out there, please post the log entries for devices that need to be added and I will try to add them to the code.

                    Finally, I am going to request this thread be moved to the HomeSeer X10 Plug-in forum so that others can find this info when they have similar issues.
                    Best regards,

                    If you're not out on the edge, you're taking up too much room!
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                      NOTE: thread moved to HomeSeer X10 Plug-in Forum
                      Best regards,

                      If you're not out on the edge, you're taking up too much room!
                      Interested in 3D maps? Check out my company site: Solid Terrain Modeling