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Some CM15A devices don't respond to ON

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  • Some CM15A devices don't respond to ON

    I bought from HS a new CM15A to replace my failing CM11 device.

    I've spent the last few weeks trying to get this interface to work reliably.
    I've solved almost all of the issues except one:

    I'm getting the following entry in the log when I try to turn ON a CM15A device from the HS web interface (or HS Touch) for 'SOME' of my newly added CM15 / devices

    Jul-29 5:02:24 PM CM15A DEBUG Received CM15 Address:B6, Command:extcode
    Jul-29 5:02:20 PM CM15A DEBUG Received CM15 Address:B1, Commandn

    B1 works great
    B6 will not respond to ON (it Will respond to Bright, Diim, Off etc..) just not ON

    Some devices work great, some will not turn on, and generate that entry.
    Those devices that will not turn on WILL turn OFF and DIM on (to full even) but will not respond to a "ON" command from HomeSeer


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    Originally posted by Houdini7 View Post
    I bought from HS a new CM15A to replace my failing CM11 device.
    If it's not too late, I'd recommend you return the CM15A for a refund. The HS plug-in for that interface does not appear to be working properly. My recommendation would be either a TI-103 or an XTB-232 (emulates a CM11A, but with lots more power).
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      Agree with advice of Uncle Michael. Return the CM15A if you can, or throw it out and accept your loss.
      Implementation of CM15A in HS3 is awfull. I was Ok with HS2, I have been a satisfied user for over 10 years. Then came HS3 and really, no support at all and completely useless. Homeseer simply ignored my complaints.
      My CM15A still works ok with HS2 and runs acceptable (with a few caveats) on HS3 on Linux. It also runs without problems on other software such as Domotiga, so whatever they say it is NOT my setup.


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        +++ On the above stuff.

        Here went to keeping the CM11A stuff and adding the XTB stuff over the years and have not had any issues. (use today original CM11A, TW523 and XTB stuff)

        The original XTB X10 amplifier is still working just fine these years along with the new dual phased XTB stuff.
        - Pete

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          A few questions:
          1) What X10 modules are you using for B1 and B6?
          2) Is it always the same modules that exhibit this errant behavior or do they change?
          3) What happens when you control device B6 using a wired X10 controller (not the CM15)? Does it work properly?
          4) What is shown in the HS3 log when sending B6 ON & OFF commands from a wired X10 controller?
          5) What OS are you running HS3 on?

          As a quick experiment, please try the procedure below and post your results:
          1) Delete device B6.
          2) Verify debug mode is set on the 'Plugins/Manage' page.
          3) Restart HS.
          4) Verify in the HS log that the CM15a plugin initialized properly (no errors).
          5) Verify that you can properly control device B1.
          6) Add device B6 (when adding the device DO NOT change anything on the Configuration tab except the device name! Immediately move to the CM15A tab, set the House & Unit code and click Done.)
          7) Try turning B6 ON & OFF from the Device Management page.
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