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X10 command Event HS2 & HS3

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  • X10 command Event HS2 & HS3

    The event below updated the status light of a Switchlinc keypad in HS2 reliably:

    I have recreated the event in HS3. It triggers but status never changes.

    I am using the exact same setup as my HS2 system (TI103) , but yet it does not act the same??? It there something wrong with the event?

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    The X10 interface was pretty much solid on HS2 however support has waned a bit with HS3, indeed parts of it don't even make sense and HST have handed support for it over to a third party developer.

    I would check whether or not the event itself triggers (by adding another action to write to the log or something) or it is the X10 part. If it is the X10 part one option may be to create a virtual device and set it to O15, then turn this device off from the event.


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      Thanks for the reply. I truly hope someone / anyone is working on the plugin. Yes X10 is old technology but it worked then and still does now. Sometimes more reliably an Z Wave. If your Z network gets jacked up, it is no more reliable than X10 with a noisy power line. I've experienced both. [emoji12]

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