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Can't connect to CM11A

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  • Can't connect to CM11A

    I posted this on the Hometroller Zee board but since this is an X10 issue I thought I'd try here too:

    I downloaded the X10 plugin and attached an old CM11A I had lying around and everything was working fine. Then I added a Zwave device and all the X10 stopped working. Under manage plugins it says "Fatal Unable to communicate with CM11A, no response to status request." I have tried rebooting, using different ports and even replacing the batteries in the CM11A.

    According to tech support there should be no conflict between Zwave and X10 on the Zee2 like apparently there was on the original Zee so the How To sticky about Zwave and X10 at the same time does not apply to the Zee2.

    I suppose it is possible that the CM11A just died, but the timing of it happening right after I added a Zwave device is suspicious. I don't even know how I would test the CM11A to see if it works because I don't have a computer with a serial port any more to plug it in to.

    Any ideas?
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