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    Z-Wave Node ID Going

    I'm after some Z-Wave help guys...I'm having woes with my Fibaro Motion Sensors giving completely spurious motion commands causing lights to go on/off at all hours. This is something I've had with some of my other devices also that are not motion sensors (Everspring Door Switches) which leads me to think a Z-Wave plugin issue, it's also not confined to a particular firmware version or sensor.

    The first thing I notice is that the Z-Wave node ID has vanished and even though HS thinks that it has a node number the number itself has gone from the drop down and it's gone from the node information page. See the attached image, other times the node number has remained so I can just re-select it.

    I'll also notice that polling has sometimes been set up somehow on the devices, I don't have any set up and took all of the polling out but somehow the Z-Wave plugin seems to be very kindly setting them back up for me without my request?

    I've seen a couple more posts about these with phantom signals but not sure the issue was ever located...any ideas because I'm desperate and don't want to be including/excluding devices everywhere and to me I'm not used to Z-Wave devices that have comms difficulties dropping their node ID (I usually just get them showing up as unknown).

    I've tried to re-import from the controller (UZB1) and it does report 15 nodes (I don't know if the interface is classed as a node to know whether I should have 16 instead) but really oddly the device itself even though it's node number has gone is reporting it's status OK in HS?
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    Just noticed I'm running .97 and there is a .108 beta, I've looked at the release notes and not seen anything that suggests an issue like this has been discovered but I'll update just in case.


      Hi Adam,

      If you're not using z-wave scenes, then I would shutdown HS and rename z-wave2.db in the \data\z-wave folder. It will be recreated when you restart.

      HS 1990 Devices 1172 Events
      Z-Wave 126 Nodes on one Z-Net


        Thanks Al I'll give it a go - I've had my bedroom motion sensor trigger nine times already in the last hour and I've not even been at home!