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Z-Wave Lock User Code Management

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  • Z-Wave Lock User Code Management

    Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see a way to add user codes to my Yale Z-Wave locks through HS3. I think I was able to do this with HS2 & Kwikset locks.

    - Never mind.. found it in the root Z-Wave settings...
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    Chuck, it sure would have been good for you to share your knowledge in a tutorial since you had troubles with it. Asking and Helping is a two way street.


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      Sure would have been, I have been unable to enter my lock code users also and have not figured it out.


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        Go to the root device for the locks, Z-Wave tab, Settings (wait for the page to load) and then you should be able to select the position numbers for each user code to be entered or modified.


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          I seem to be having troubles figuring out how to get an email notification upon code entry. Anyone doing this that could walk me through it?


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            This should do what I think you want,

            Click image for larger version

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