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Adding devices to Scenes isn't working

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    Has anyone found a resolution to this? I agree with all that this is a HS bug. I didn't have this issue until I bought some Homeseer WS200+ dimmers. I had to upgrade the zwave plug-in to achieve full functionality on these devices, and after that haven't had anything listed in the scene drop down. I'm quite sure that the WS200+'s are scene-capable


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      This is still an issue. I have created multiple scenes in the past that included Non Scene devices. The scenes work fine. The drop down list does not include all of my scene capable devices and NON of the non scene capable.


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        Another one here that has the same issue, checking in. I haven't opened a ticket yet but I will do that ASAP.

        I am using ONLY Homeseer's dimmer switches which are without a doubt scene capable; it was one of the selling points for me in fact.

        I guess it's "old way of thinking" but I do kinda feel a little cheated because I could have paid less for switches that frankly have held up better for my clients (as in, zero failures on thousands of switches compared to 20% failure rate out of about 40 of the HS switches).

        Good luck to us all on getting it fixed. I sure hope they're not abandoning this thing - I'm replacing Control4 units with it and my clients are happier.


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          Any update on this? Installed a couple of Fibaro dimmer 2 and switch 2 modules, but homeseer claims they don't support scenes. So now when i activate a scene, it sends the commands to all 12 moduiles individually. This causes a huge delay !


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            Originally posted by DanWheeler View Post
            They also told me scenes as a concept are the old way of doing things and that I should just control my lights through individual device control calls.
            That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Compared to scene controls (where one command is sent and devices respond in different ways), sending multiple individual device control calls are slow, buggy and deliver an poor user experience - lights turn on at different times or may not even turn on at all. Why would you move from a much superior way of doing things to a much inferior way of doing things? It's not that Z-wave is eliminating scenes as a concept, is it that HomeSeer fails to deliver a good scene experience (light statuses in their software get out of whack)?

            Give me a month with their HomeSeer source code and their Dimmer firmware source code, and I'll deliver a much more powerful and bulletproof system that is up there with a Lutron system, both in terms of central hub control and responsiveness when the hub control is down. (I work for Google and have worked in aerospace, space and telecom infrastructure and other five 9's high-reliability environments).

            I'd add min/max brightness limits for PROPER functioning of LEDs/CFLs. I'd add scene control power to their dimmers (a single tap turns multiple lights on to your prescribed levels). I'd add reliability to their software light statuses. But I don't think they'd ever let me dive in. c'est la vie.


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              I too am confused about this. I bought Homeseer dimmers and switches that are supposed to be scene capable. When I go to add devices to a scene, just about everything in the house shows up in the drop down list. In my other home the only device that comes up is the First Alert ZCOMBO Z-wave smoke & CO detector/alarm; which is not scene capable. Why would scene capabilities be removed.
              I don't particularly care since I prefer to use events, but why hype that your products support scenes when your controller(s) do not?
              Also, I have other "scene control" devices that trigger scenes that I would like to use in my systems.