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Error: Z-Wave device has empty ROOT object

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    Error: Z-Wave device has empty ROOT object

    Has anybody been able to resolve this issue? Found when clicking on the z-wave tab of a device.

    Error: Z-Wave device has empty ROOT object, it may have lost its reference to the actual Z-Wave device,
    try resetting the Z-Wave database from Z-Wave Config

    I have it on many devices (not sure why) and I have lost control of most of them.

    Short of deleting and re-adding the device I thought I'd ask here first.


    Have you ever resolved this? If so how?


      No, I still have the issue with a few of my devices. Unfortunately, though, my solution was to move away from Z-wave and to Insteon. Honestly it's never been more reliable! I use Insteon remotes, plug in devices & dimmers, and door & water sensors. It's very reliable since I basically shifted away from z-wave.

      My Insteon remotes mostly control Philips Hue lights and some Z-wave controlled lights, and it works very well.

      In regards to your question, I noticed if I deleted a device completely, then re-added it usually it would resolve the issue "for a while" but it would come back. It was frustrating enough for me to move away from z-wave.

      Good luck! If you ever find a permanent solution please post. I have a couple Leviton in-wall dimmers controlling some lights and don't really want to change them out. They have the root device problems, so I can't really control them remotely.


        Well, moving away from z-wave would be prohibitively expensive in hardware and (my) labor. I have probably about 80 (rough estimate) z-wave devices incl. dimmers, switches, outlets, locks, power monitors, shades, etc. Having said that, it's kind of frustrating that the z-wave controller seems to forget devices. If there was at least a good solution to fix the issue without having to recreate the associations, update events, etc. it would be a bit better. Oh well, thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it.


          I have never had this issue with my 75 ish Zwave devices. My zwave controller is a Aeon usb controller. Maybe worth migrating devices to a new controller. Maybe the common denominator in your cases is that you were using the same controller?


            Good point! I use the USB z-wave plus controller from HS. I figured this gives me the highest compatibility. Bit maybe that is not true. What is the model that you are using? Most importantly is there a way to transfer all my settings from the HS USB dongle to that device?


              It's pretty straighforward to move to another controller. I am actually on my 2nd, or maybe 3rd USB controller. Things started getting super flaky and I saw lots of weird z-wave errors in the logs, so I moved to a spare USB stick and it fixed everything. You basically do a backup of the z-wave database (it will store the info in a local file on the server) and then change to the new stick, then "restore database" and it adds all the devices into the new controller. Then there's some setting on that page where you remove the old ID and enable the new ID of the controller. Again, I don't recall all the details as the work was done in "sort of a rush to get things working" but I do recall it wasn't that difficult to do.

              If you do end up moving to the Aeon controller let me know how it works out. I may do the same but I have only a small handful of z-wave left; basically things that are not available in the Insteon world. I sold the z-wave stuff on ebay and even though that was a hassle it's still a popular item category on ebay.

              But each controller I've used has always been the Smartstick+, for the same reason you hold that it should be "most compatible" with HS3.

              I don't really use any Aeon products anymore. I had tons of troubles with the Wallmotes (eventually returned them all) and my Minimotes started going crazy randomly (may not be related to them but they used to be fine, and removing and adding them back in fixed the issues). Finally, those small motion detectors would randomly stop working after a while. I thought it was the batteries, so I eventually plugged them in via USB and it seemed to help a bit and make them last longer.

              Anyway, my blood pressure is rising just thinking about all the frustrations I've dealt with over the years with z-wave. I really wanted things to work reliably and I thought I was on the right track, but it got too frustrating for me, hence the give up and move to Philips and Insteon. I will say I'm really happy I did but you have one source really for Insteon products and it's only worth buying on big sale days like Black Friday or one of the other few times they have big sales in the year.

              Thanks for listening! And let me know how it goes with Aeon if you do that.