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Updating Firmware (Aeotec) using Homeseer

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  • Updating Firmware (Aeotec) using Homeseer

    Hi All,

    A recent update posted by Aeotec has made firmwares available for use with Homesee (see here ).
    I have been trying to update my nano dimmers to the latest firmware but aftering clicking start nothing happens
    Any ideas how ot get the firmware to update?
    Reading a post by RJH (here), it states that we do not need to push the button to start. I dont want to take off all the switches just to update.
    I have updated 1 a few weeks back using aeotec gen5 usb stick and their update software which didnt require to push the button.
    I'm running Z-Wave Plugin
    I am trying ot update the firmware from the ROOT node.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	FirmwareUpdateNode.jpg Views:	1 Size:	200.8 KB ID:	1263620

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    I just updated the Nano Switch and Smart Switch 6. After you push the start button some times it appears nothing happens so every so often I pushed the ABORT and then went back to resume. You should then see an update on the event count. I had to wait for at least 20 min then I abort again and then resume. Now wait a few more min for HomeSeer to show the update has finished. I did these updated from the device zwave tab, firmware upgrade.


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      Hi rainet,
      Where did you find the ABORT button? The screenshot I posted in the first message is after I push START.
      From the link posted by Aeotec showing HS3 screenshots, after you click start it shows:
      Firmware Update Status: Receiving ...
      I never get this message


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        You have to push the start button then you will see the count increasing.


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          Push Start button where?
          I have pushed start numerous times on HS3 on it just stays on the screen I posted above.


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            If you select the the firmware file and then press the start button and nothing happens then you need to contact support.