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Restore to Aeotec Z-Stick USB Controller Gen5

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    Restore to Aeotec Z-Stick USB Controller Gen5

    Should this be possible?

    I can only see the Backup Option. I am wanting to replace my existing controller: Aeon Labs Series 2 USB Controller with a new Aeotec Z-Stick USB Controller Gen5

    I'm using the latest version of the Z-Wave Plug-in

    With HS3 it is not possible to restore it does not work.
    I have read a lot of threads on the forum and on other forums about the problem.
    Almost everyone is talking about using zensys-tools to handle data transfer from one zstick to another. But what I've read does not ever work fully because it depends heavily on the software version and the firmware of both the S2 and G5 z-sticks.
    I solved the problem just yesterday using a hybrid approach.
    I transferred not on a G5 but I used UZB1 but having the same chipset are compatible.
    Using Zensys tools I transferred the data on the UZB1 generating a secondary controller, if you want I can give you the information on how to do it, but you can also find it on various threads.
    At this point a good part of the posts I found were talking about shifting from secondary controller to Primary controller but probably in my configuration it does not work and the commands are disabled, so I backed up the UZB1 using the Z-Stick Gen5 Backup Tool software that find on the Aeotec website.
    I reset the UZB1 again and I restored the previous backup and magically the controller became Primary and everything works perfectly without any other type of intervention.