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New Outdoor Zwave Sensor

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  • New Outdoor Zwave Sensor

    So I got an early Christmas present, an outdoor Zwave motion sensor:

    But I need some ideas on what I could do with it.

    All my lights inside and out are Zwave enabled.

    I originally thought about adding it as one of the requirements to get the garage to open automatically.

    Life 360 + Motion + maybe wifi phone connection.

    Any cool ideas?

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    How well is this sensor working with HS3?


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      Cool! Let us know how you like it. I have lighting under the eaves that are z-wave along with the front door light. Right now, if the door opens after a certain time they go to full bright. If the doorbell rings, it goes to full bright. However, I've considered putting a motion sensor so the lights brighten BEFORE someone is actually standing at the front door.

      Did it add without any drama?


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        If I had one, I would put place it so that anyone coming down my driveway would alert me. Not sure what the distance is on these, but I do know that z-wave plus is much improved over older version.


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          Does it have Group 2 control. It would be nice for the motion to control the Z-wave device directly?


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            Does it have Group 2 control. It would be nice for the motion to control the Z-wave device directly?
            I get the impression that HS is not keen on Associations since they came out with linking devices. Not direct control but directly through HS without the need for an event.


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              I am using linking and group 2 associations with WD200+ switches. That is the only way to get them to be perfectly in sink as if they were 3 way switches. The slave uses the Group 2 association to control the load switch. It is much nicer looking then three way switches. The difference is amazing and I believe Homeseer has designed the WD200+ to work with group 2 associations.

              When I used only 'linking' there was a noticeable delay with the switches and I also noticed problems with the devices turning themselves on and off because of this delay; I was able solve it when I added Group 2 associations. It was real easy; I just add group 2 to the slave switch and it sends the information directly to the load switch instead of going through the HS3 server.


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                I ordered this one since it can be powered with USB and therefore hopefully allow more finite control of sensitivity.

                I am hoping to add it to my system tonight and see how that goes.

                Just cant decide where to use...

                I currently have it configure to use my front door arlo to trigger the light but this may be better.

                OR maybe detect driveway motion.


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                  USB is nice. Batteries go when you need them them the most.


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                    Added just fine.

                    Show 4 devices one of which is battery which shows 0% even though I have it USB powered.

                    It has a Power Management Notification that reports all kinds of events related to Power.

                    It has a big red light to indicate motion detected and physcal adjustment for sensitivity on the sensor itself.

                    Now to just decide what to do with it....


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                      I am looking for some battery powered motion sensors to reduce the number of false positives of motion detection on my security cameras. How well do these work ? Do you get false positives during the day ?