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    Hi all,

    I'd like to replace my Zipatile with a Homeseer S2 troller. One of the things that I'd like to have is a colored LED lightning for my boats dock. The distance from the dock to the hub is round about 110 feet. The idea is to place a range extender in the patio (approx. half the way) to make sure the signal would be O.K. I have learned, that I have to buy an additional hard- and software to run the S2 troller with the Zigbee (Philips Hue) bulbs. In my opinion this is to much for "only" have a colored light so I'm thinking to go with a "standard" Z-Wave RGBW-LED bulb. Which (setup) one would you guys recommend in this case? Or is there a better attempt to do this?

    Thanks and best regards


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    This distance rating with Z-wave is under perfect conditions. If there is a wall in-between then will cut it down considerably. If it is concrete wall it might block it completely. Zigbee has an even shorter distance then Z-wave (but much better repeating of signals).

    You might consider Insteon for this because it uses wireline and RF. I would buy the module for Insteon over the free one. You will also have to buy a PLM.

    This is assuming that you are a single phase electrical setup.


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      How about a controllable switch (to something else) part way down to the dock and it will also be a repeater.


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        Thanks guys for your comments.

        @rschein: the first attempt was to install just white dimmable LED's with a Fibaro dimmer module (and the range extender). But the idea to have color was fascinating me. I know, that's much more complicated...

        @silverton38: As I said, I would replace the cloud based system "Zipatile" because after 2 years I found that this idea is not realy stable, so I'm looking for a non-cloud based system. I'm not sure, but Insteon is also cloud based and I have read very good things about the Homeseer system, so I thought I should run with this. And yes, it's a single phase electrical setup.


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          Insteon is a powerline communications technology that can work hand in hand with HomeSeer. It is not cloud based.
          HS 1990 Devices 1172 Events
          Z-Wave 126 Nodes on one Z-Net


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            Ahh I see. Have searched a little bit and I think now it's clear, what "Insteon" is ;-)

            Have also read that the device has a lot of problems with power outages and spikes, which we have in Florida. Hmmm.... so have to think about it. Price wise it's also not the cheapest option.

            It seems now, that I have to simply try what "version" works in this case. Will do.

            BTW: are there any recommendations about Z-Wave RGBW-LED'S which works with the S2 when trying a Z-Wave network for the dock?


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              Do you have WiFi there? The Tuya WiFi bulbs are under 20 and are similar to the hues in capabilities.


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                Hi bsobel,
                unortunately no WiFi on the dock (distance is approx. 110 feet away from the router and a concrete wall is in between). But thanks a lot for the suggestion. That's why I had the idea to try it with the Z-wave network...


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                  Originally posted by sju10544 View Post
                  Hi bsobel,
                  unortunately no WiFi on the dock (distance is approx. 110 feet away from the router and a concrete wall is in between). But thanks a lot for the suggestion. That's why I had the idea to try it with the Z-wave network...
                  Ah, but a Wifi repeater could go on that concrete wall and relay your wifi signal (probably better than a zwave relay). And then you would have wifi on your boat as well!


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                    Yep aa6vh. That was the "perfect" push in "my" direction. So I'm looking for WiFi extenders and bulbs right now. How about the Homeseer software and the WiFi bulbs? Do I need a special" plugin to control them via the troller or can I "only" use them with there "own" software? Are there any "prefered" WiFi bulbs for Homeseer to work with? Sorry for all these questions. As you can "see", I'm a newbie...


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                      I have a beta plugin for Tuya bulbs. You can find lots of those on Amazon. Look for WiFi bulb and Tuya or “Smart Life”. Typically sub 30 and similar in spec to Hue bulbs


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                        O.K. guys. Thanks for all the helpful comments and ideas @bsobel: now I got you what it means to use Tuya bulbs ;-) and yes, I should go with a WiFi network.

                        In the meantime I have uninstalled one of my pile caps, because the idea is/was to install a RGB bulb under the cap. Hmmmm.... the space for doing this is only approx. 4 1/2 in, so in my opinion together with a lamp socket not really much space to add a "classic" RGB bulb. Do you guys have an idea if there is a smaller WiFi RGB bulb or plate at the market wich I can use for doing this, or should I gave up?