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Yale Z Wave Module 2 - User number reporting error

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  • Yale Z Wave Module 2 - User number reporting error

    Just managed to get my Yale Lock added back into by Homeseer system. However, after ironing out all of the problems I am left with 3 thoughts that I have not seen written about, or not a lot.

    1) My biggest problem was that after having to rebuild my system, the door lock would not rescan, constantly failing to agree a security key. I read in one post that with a rebuild you MUST exclude and reinclude the device - doing this solved all my problems.

    2) Despite inclusion being Done. I think the door lock took a good 10 minutes or so to settle down and work properly - as such things appeared to not be working initially such as the updating of the datetime and offset, logging and the Lock/Unlock controls + reporting. After about 10 minutes everything just seems to be fine, the rescan worked and all functionality was present. Fortunately I did not do my usual of exclude/include when things don't work.

    3) Homeseer reports the notification of the user in "user code removed" and "user code programmed" with values that are out by 1 on default install. To fix the problem you need to edit the Notification child and amend the offset values from 2000 to 2001 and from 3000 to 3001 in the Status Graphics tab. I guess that the "Duplicate user" offset should be 4001 not 4000 but I have not generated this notification yet.

    Apologies if I have posted this in the wrong sub-topic.