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Zwave network becomes unresponsive

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  • Zwave network becomes unresponsive

    I had trouble with my network for a couple of weeks now. The network becomes unresponsive, and I get frequent status unknown on my devices. I backed up my z-net, and restored to it. That helped for a little while. It ran for 4 days before it happened again. Then another 4 days, and then daily, now its every 3 or 4 hours. Restarting the zw PI or even HS3 is the only thing which helps. After a zw PI restart, I still had a unresponsive device. I decided to try and run a optimize. That did not work, but I have seen this message in the log:

    New Interface: is waiting to start an optimize until the interface commands to be transmitted empties. Will wait until 19:52:54

    The time of the message was 19:47, it looks as if the message queue was full. On the zwave PI info page i
    had the CMD Q 0, and Poll Q 8. That does not look that busy ? My polling in general is turned off on most devices, and reduced to a minimum on the ones I need. I have 68 nodes, about 25 of them Zwave+. Up until a couple of weeks ago it was all running fine, no major changes. Maybe that is a hint of whats going on. I had only restarted the zwave PI a couple of minutes before. Sometimes my devices still react, but with a long delay, it can be up to 2 minutes.