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No On/Off button on page Device Management

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    No On/Off button on page Device Management

    I included two new Nodes into my Z-wave Network. They show up as devices in HS3, but there is no On/Off button.

    If I remember right, these buttons have been created automatically when I included the other nodes some years ago.

    Does anyone know what I have to do to get these buttons?


    What kind of device are they, are they actually controllable? (some sensors won't have buttons, as they just report out). If they should be controllable, I have seen this if the device is too far away. I'd try rescanning it (and if needed re-adding it) ideally closer to the zwave radio.


      it is a Fibaro Single switch (FGS-213) and a Fibaro Dimmer 2 (FGD-212). They are mounted in the Wall. So its a bit difficult to get them nearer to the aeotec Z-Stick.
      To include them into the network, I removed the stick from the PC and took it with me. I had the stick in one hand and pressed the button on the modules with the other hand.
      I already did several rescans and will now try to re-add them.


        fagor. I believe these are also Z-Wave Plus devices, so there should be no need to have them near the Aeotec stick when you add them. A problem can occur when you move the Aeotec Z-stick to the Fibaro devices and then added them using the button on the Aeotec while the Aeotec is disconnected from HomeSEer. Specifically if you reconnect the Aeotec stick to HomeSeer but due to its new placement it is now out of range of the Fibaro devices -- i.e., there is no direct path to the Fibaro devices and communications have to go through intermediate hops to get to the switches -- then HomeSeer and Fibaro devices may not have sufficiently updated routing tables to do the inclusion properly.

        Here are a few quick things that may fix the problem ....
        1. Optimize the route to both Fibaro devices from the root nodes Z-Wave tab that did get created in HomeSeer (do an "Optimize" followed by a "Full Optimize"). Then do a "Rescan" from the device's Z-Wave tab..
        2. If #1 didn't work, then with your Z-Stick still in your PC, do an "Add/Include a Node" from homeseer and activate the inclusion function on the Fibaro devices. At this stage, the Fibaro devices should already have had their HomeID / Node ID set, but in my experience repeating the inclusion process (even if you do so without resetting / excluding the nodes first) sometimes gets HomeSeer to "correct" the inclusion and add them properly.
        3. If #1-2 didn't work, then exclude each of the devices using the Z-Wave Plugin's "Remove / Exclude A Node" function. Then re-include each device but do so with your stick still in your PC so that the nodes must find the route back to HomeSeer during the inclusion process.

        IF #1, #2, #3 don't work, I'm out of ideas.

        In my experience, for Z-Wave Plus devices (or any device supporting Network Wide Inclusion (NWI) -- which is most current devices), it is better not to bring your Z-stick to the device - rather, perform the inclusion from HomeSeer with your stick in its "regular" location.


          Thank you verry much!
          Step #2 solved it.