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z-wave network fails to optimaize and z-stick buffer overflows

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    z-wave network fails to optimaize and z-stick buffer overflows

    Hi Everyone,

    I posted in December regarding an unstable z-wave network, and I am still having problems. In the interim, I have been reading as many posts as possible to gain insight. I moved my Homeseer z-stick+ to a powered USB hub, as it was suggested that insufficient power may cause the stick to err. I now have been trying to optimize the network, and get issues after about half the nodes have processed, with messages that each successive device cannot be reached. The log shows messages such as:

    Jan-11 15:05:34 Z-Wave Error z-wave smartstick+ Com3: Error, the Z-Wave API Transmit Queue is not empty after waiting 20 seconds - the interface may be disconnected or not operational (z-wave smartstick+ Com3).

    The devices that cannot be reached during optimization, still operate and work in events, so clearly this is problematic.

    I have just acquired a new z-stick+ and will move the network over to see if that is the point of failure.

    The event log and optimization log I just lost as the system rebooted. I will post if the replacement z-wave stick doe not cure the problem.

    Current Date/Time: 1/11/2019 3:17:04 PM
    HomeSeer Version: HS3 Pro Edition
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro - Work Station
    System Uptime: 0 Days 0 Hours 6 Minutes 59 Seconds
    IP Address:
    Number of Devices: 271
    Number of Events: 128
    Available Threads: 400
    HSTouch Enabled: True
    Event Threads: 1
    Event Trigger Eval Queue: 0
    Event Trigger Priority Eval Queue: 0
    Device Exec Queue: 0
    HSTouch Event Queue: 0
    Email Send Queue: 0
    Anti Virus Installed: Windows Defender

    Enabled Plug-Ins BLBackup BLRing Insteon Z-Wave


    Finished changing z-stick and restored network. Optimization worked. So I am guessing a failed z-stick was the root cause of the issues.