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Do I need a Z Wave Plus USB stick to talk with Z wave plus devices

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  • Do I need a Z Wave Plus USB stick to talk with Z wave plus devices


    This seems like an obvious question but thought I'd ask the masses for their opinions.

    I've got an old (non plus) Z Wave Aeotec/Sigma USB dongle (using 4.24 (ZDK 6.51.7)), which seems to be working okay with my devices, however, I've also recently got some Z-Wave Plus devices. These new devices are also working fine with the old dongle BUT.....

    Under the new device Z-wave properties (using 4.61 (ZDK 6.71.1)) I get the message "Node is Z-Wave Plus but ZW Plus Info not retrieved.". Things appear to be working okay with them but maybe there's some functionality I'm not getting because of an old controller dongle.

    What do you think ? Just upgrade the dongle to a Z-Wave plus one or save my money, it won't make any difference ?



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    z-wave plus devices will work fine in an older z-wave environment. They are backward compatible.

    Older non z-wave plus devices will work fine in a newer z-wave plus environment.

    Upgrading your dongle to z-wave plus will only help if you have z-wave plus devices.

    z-wave plus added new features and functionality. Here is a doc.

    I will only buy z-wave plus devices going forward.


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      Thanks LB,

      As I've got a few (and more coming) zw plus devices I've ordered a zwave plus dongle from Vesternet now to unleash the power of plus (it'd better be good).


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        Originally posted by Daveyboy View Post
        Thanks LB,

        (it'd better be good).
        It will be as good as your worst behaving z-wave device

        As you add more plus devices, I'd suggest you upgrade any AC powered devices that are major z-wave routers to plus as well.
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